birding famous for our birds

Kosi Forest Lodge is a birder’s paradise, with a myriad of ebullient feathered friends welcoming you to the pristine soft sand forest. The rich and diverse birdlife in this region comprises forest, riverine, coastal and grassland varieties and includes more than a few highly sought after species.

Bird watching is not just an activity to be done on forest walks and other organised outings but is something that can be done continuously throughout your stay at the lodge. Whether sipping sundowners on the exquisite pool deck or strolling by lamplight through the indigenous sand forest to dinner at the fireside boma, you will be acutely aware of the privilege of being surrounded by such an extensive array of birds.

With ever-shrinking natural spaces meaning more and more wildlife under threat, the act of bird watching is a simple pleasure which is becoming increasingly sacred. With over 450 species occurring in the area, Kosi Forest Lodge is one of the best bases for birdwatching in South Africa. Some of our rare bird highlights include the Pel’s Fishing Owl, Palm-nut Vulture, African Finfoot and Narina Trogon. Our local guides at Kosi Forest Lodge know all the secret hiding places and may help you to tick those elusive species off your list.


  • Home to over 450 species of birds
  • Prolific birdlife around the lodge
  • Narina Trogon often seen
  • Chance of seeing the Pel’s Fishing Owl