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When you travel with Isibindi Africa Lodges you become part of the family that has as it's purpose saving our planet for our children's children. This purpose drives us all at Isibindi Africa Lodges whether it's removing single-use plastics, creating micro-economies in our neighbouring communities to supply our lodges, replacing plastic water bottles with reusable ones for guests, investing in huge solar energy farms, refusing to serve seafood at our beach lodge that is not ethically harvested, recycling unused lodge food into feeding schemes for our neighbouring creches etc.

Travel is powerful when it connects us to a purpose and a community.

The founders of Isibindi Africa Lodges, Brett and Paige Gehren, both come from a strong conservation background. This has and always will be our authenticity. Twenty five years ago we began with pioneering community conservation establishing one of South Africa's first lodges in a protected wilderness sanctuary with the local community as joint shareholders. Today we own a number of lodges scattered around Africa in world-renowned protected wilderness areas and we partner with many neighbouring communities. Our purpose is to create a human fence between our wilderness areas and neighbouring communities so that the flow of benefits to these communities motivates them to protect these resources. Neighbouring communities need to share in these flow of benefits. Without this they have not only lost their ancestral lands but also access to its resources.

When travelling with Isibindi you will be supporting a host of community projects that rely on the lodges you will be visiting, to flourish and improve people's lives.


Our conservation programmes range from supporting conservation of the endangered turtles on Mabibi beach (tagging, guide training, monitoring) to our children's environmental programmes in rhino education in rural neighbouring communities and financially and logistically assisting the anti-poaching units.

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Our Kosi Forest Lodge team are passionate about the place they call 'home'. Our staff's invaluable knowledge about the area, its wildlife and its people enriches our guests' experiences and makes their stay with us all the more special. Come and meet our Kosi Forest Lodge family for yourself!

"At Kosi Forest Lodge, the staff and the setting gave me a sense of peace and clarity that I had never achieved.” - Zack Yuval, past Manager

Blessing Mngomezulu

Blessing Mngomezulu

Brett Gehren was driving along the road looking for people to assists him with the building of the Lodge when he encountered Blessing and 2 friends. Blessing assisted with the construction of the lodge and stayed on thereafter as an employee. Blessing completed his Hotel School diploma through correspondance and moved to Thonga Beach Lodge to continue his practical studies. After some time there he returned to Kosi Forest Lodge and recently was promoted to General Manager. Blessing, his wife and family have their homestead in the community near the Lodge.