canoeing absolute serenity in nature

Our guided canoe trips are a firm favourite with guests, time and time again. There are few things as peaceful and yet exciting as gliding over mirror-smooth waters with only the sound of your paddle splashes adding to the symphony of melodious bird calls reverberating through the trees. A canoe trip is an opportunity to savour being truly connected with the natural beauty of the wetlands around you.

Our morning canoe trip is a great way to start the day and begins with a short walk to the lake on a hippo path through the forest, teeming with early morning activity. There are 2 seater and 3 seater canoes available and no previous experience is necessary. If you choose to go in the same canoe with your guide, you can simply sit back, relax and fully appreciate the magnitude of the surrounding beauty while the guide provides insight and intriguing information relating to all you see and hear.

The labyrinth of channels connecting the lakes are lined with huge overhanging trees including massive Raphia palms and it is here where you stand a good chance of seeing a Palm-Nut Vulture or a Pel’s Fishing Owl or maybe even an African Finfoot darting between the reeds. You’ll hear the rustle of the coastal breeze through the giant palms, the hum of bees pollinating the blooming water lilies, and the chittering of the local Samango Monkeys as they hop effortlessly from branch to branch.

A canoe trip along the meandering waterways of the Kosi lake system is almost a ‘rite of passage’ for guests at Kosi Forest Lodge and something not to be missed.


  • Absolute serenity
  • Highly sought after bird species
  • Fun and active outing
  • Raphia palm forest
  • Complimentary activity

important notes:

The guided canoe trip is included in the room rate.