A canoe trip along the winding waterways of the Kosi lake system is almost a ‘rite of passage’ for guests at Kosi Forest Lodge. Many of our guests say that the canoe trip is the highlight of their stay, and the way they feel the closest connection to the fascinating natural surroundings of the wetland area.

There’s something very special about being right on the lakes and waterways, without any motors running, cellphones beeping, or radios shouting. The splash, splash, splash of your paddles hitting the still water brings you into the gentle rhythm of the lake environment. Around you, a myriad of birds create a cacophony of sound, undisturbed by your presence on the water. You’ll hear the wind through the trees and giant palms, the bees pollinating the blooming water lilies, and the chittering and branch-hopping of the local samango monkeys.

Listen out for a distinctive ‘grunt’ – this means that there could be a pod of hippos nearby. And that “log” on the distant sandbank? It may well be a crocodile. Your experienced guide will be on the lookout and will keep you safe while telling you interesting facts about these amazing, almost prehistoric, creatures.

Our famous early morning canoe trips start with a walk along the hippo paths to the lake. This is where our resident pod of hippos trek every night on their way to their nocturnal grazing sites. Once on the water, you’ll glide your way along glass-like water, surrounded by lush forests alive with birds. Your experienced guides will escort you by canoe along the Siyadla channel where the bird life is plentiful and the scenery is peacefully breathtaking. Out here, who needs therapy? There’s simply no better way to start the morning.

On the 3-seater canoes, no previous canoeing experience is required as your guide will drive and direct the vessel for you. If you don’t feel like paddling. no problem! All you need to do is sit back and soak in the calm waters and sights.

Canoe trips last about two hours, but we bet you’ll wish you were out there longer…