forest walks under a canopy of giant Raphia Palms

“Otherworldly” describes the feeling of walking the meandering pathways among the forest of giant Raphia palm trees in Kosi Bay. As you wander through scenery befitting the Jurassic age, listen out for the tell-tale calls of the abundant birdlife and perhaps catch a glimpse of the rare Palm-nut Vulture. This is a truly unique experience not to be missed.

A walk in the Raphia palm forest is a nature lover’s delight.
The Raphia palm (Raphia australis) also known as the Raffia Palm or Kosi Palm, is the largest palm in the world and one of only six species of palm trees that are indigenous to South Africa. They reach impressive heights of up to 25 meters, with leaves that are some of the largest in the entire plant kingdom. The fruits of the Raphia palm are found in the highest reaches of the tree and are covered with razor sharp leaves and spines making them difficult to reach and the special domain of the aptly named Palm-nut Vulture, which can regularly be seen in the treetops. The Raphia palm forests of Kosi Bay are absolutely unique in Southern Africa and as a result, attract the largest population of Palm-nut Vultures in the world.

Guests can enjoy early morning or late afternoon guided walks through the magical forest with our experienced and passionate local guides who will delight in showing you all that this pristine natural area has to offer as well as explaining the many intriguing facts and uses of the Raphia palm tree.


  • Unique ancient Raphia palm forest
  • Palm-nut Vultures
  • Abundant birdlife
  • Complimentary activity

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The Raphia forest walk activity is included in the room rate.