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Posted on: September 5, 2015

When I go on holiday in a lovely place, I get that feeling of looking forward to everything. At Kosi Forest Lodge, the days have a pleasing pattern and I find myself anticipating each delight of the day. I am looking forward to the dinner out at the boma, next to a roaring open fire under open skies. The gentle and kind ladies serving us perfectly complement the setting.

Then I will have my delicious outdoor bath, with golden oil lamps lighting up the reed walls and the forest canopy above. I know I will sleep well, as somehow the quality of one’s sleep is directly proportional to the closeness to nature.


A daily highlight – to bath under open African skies

A daily highlight – to bath under open African skies

I will wake just before 7, lifting every one of the tarpaulin blinds of my cosy tent, letting in the rising sun and symphony of woodland birdsong while I drink my strong, hot coffee.

After a hot breakfast we may go canoeing or snorkeling, and have a picnic lunch overlooking the lakes at Kosi Mouth. This will be followed by a squishy nap, a Raffia Forest walk or a read in bed, after which the whole anticipatory pleasure starts all over again.



And so to bed



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