turtle tracking experience a maritime miracle

Turtle tracking is an adventurous night-time activity that offers the possibility of witnessing a truly miraculous event as female turtles exit the ocean in search of suitable nesting sites to lay their precious eggs thereby ensuring the ongoing survival of their species.

Only on offer in season from 15 November to 15 January, our guests have the privilege of seeing mother turtles as they return to the beach to lay their eggs – often the same beach where they began life as a hatchling. This is an exciting nocturnal expedition that involves a 4×4 drive to the beach where the evening walk commences, climbing over the sand dunes and combing the beach – all in the hopes of discovering a female turtle heaving herself out of the water and up the beach above the tidal zone to find her ideal nesting site. She then digs a hole with her flippers and enters into a hormone-induced trance while she lays her eggs before covering them over and lolloping back to the ocean. This activity is not suitable for children under the age of eight years.


  • See turtles out of the water
  • Witness the miracle of survival
  • Exciting night time activity
  • Highly educational experience

important notes:

  • Not suitable for children under the age of 8 years
  • Activity only available in season from 15 November to 15 January
  • Turtle tracking is excluded from the room rate and is charged extra.